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No more Velcro PLS!

About a year ago, my husband and I agreed to foster Michael. His owner had past away and to say that he was a timid dog, would be a huge understatement. Within days, we realized that we couldn't let the little guy go. He's an older dog but perfect. So...we adopted him. I always considered myself a medium to large breed person but what Michael lacks in size, he more than makes up in personality.

BUT.....he's a Rat Terrier/Shih Tzu cross and his sparse coat is not quite enough when the temperatures hit -23C in Canada. We tried a few coats but most involved velcro - which would inevitably get caught on his fur. He was clearly not enjoying that experience.

After several attempts, I think that we've nailed it. Step-into winter jacket with a zipper on the back (complete with facing so that his fur won't get caught).

Happy dog, Happy life!

OK, back to revamping the website and getting the new skating dresses on.

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